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My hope is that this website will house a gallery of vibrant student work that students create when they engage meaningfully in the places they live.


Rachel Wood, a high school, social studies teacher at Colchester High School in Vermont wanted her students to better understand globalization and explore its effects locally. She designed a unit she titled: “Colchester in a Time of Globalization.” She asked her students to interview people who lived and worked in different settings who might have different perspectives on globalization. Her students interviewed car mechanics, cooks, hospital workers, factory workers and more.

Zack Dustira, who was her student in the spring of 2013, chose to interview an owner of a t-shirt company. In his essay “Globalized Colors” Zack tells of global vendors, pricing considerations, distribution and communication challenges. His essay is profiled in Amy Demarest’s new book Place-based Curriculum Design: Exceeding Standards Through Local Investigations (Routledge, 2015).

Here are some of Rachel Wood’s students who conducted their interviews in the spring of 2014.

Calvin Brault: Healthcare and Globalization
Brett Nelson and Matthew Cuce: Cap N’ Cork
Matthew Cuce: Kitchen World
Brett Nelson: Software Travels Across the Globe
Ryan Francis: Remax North Professionals and Insurance Globalization
Noah Robinson: The Super Store
Ethan Thibault: IBM in a Time of Globalization and College students in a time of globalization

Sarah Ibson, a teacher at Harwood Middle School, had her students gather the stories of the Tropical Storm Irene that devastated parts of Vermont in August of 2012.

Great research-amazing images!

These three films tell the story of what happened in their community:



This sampling of work is from other sites that create a vision of excellence.

High Tech High



High Tech High 

High Tech High in San Diego maintains an impressive bank of exciting projects that are created in their associated K-12 schools. NOTE: that the Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High Charter School, often referred to as High Tech High (HTH), is a public charter high school in San Diego, California. The school is now one of several schools operated under the High Tech High charter schools umbrella organization




Expeditionary Learning



High Tech High, the association of K-12 schools mentioned above, also oversees the publication of “UnBoxed,” a great little journal with interesting articles about teaching as well as examples of student work—some of which can also be found in the projects section of their website.






Expeditionary Learning 

Superb work is profiled in the gallery of work completed in partnership with Expeditionary Learning.  See their gallery of amazing student creations.

Appalachian Chain






Keeping Track on the Appalachian Chain

See what the students have to report on their outdoor adventures  with Isabelle Gregoire, educator and naturalist, in southern Quebec. southern Quebec. 


Cadwell Collaborative





Cadwell Collaborative

A teacher left a workshop with Louise Cadwell with the question, “What does meaningful, quality work look like for kindergartners?” After this question, others followed: “How could my students and I create a dialogue with other members of the school community?” and “How might my students practice authentic research based on first-hand observations?"